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What is Pablo's bartending course?


Instructions on how to become a bartender at your own party are for all lovers of barbecues, home parties and those who would like to prepare cocktails themselves at home. In this course, you will learn the know-how to enter the world of cocktails in a simple, fun and quick way, or how to make any event special for a few bucks and with few ingredients. This basic course also focuses on using alternative equipment - when you don't have special bartending equipment.

Course of bartending course

The course takes place directly in the premises of a popular – stylish cocktail bar. The content of the course will initially be about theory and preparation before work - setting up the bar. You will then mix, mix and mix.

  • getting to know the bar and the necessary tools
  • making fruit into a "purée", cooking (mango, strawberry, raspberry...)
  • base syrup (beer, rosemary, cinnamon...)
  • description of alcohol - what z what is produced - product knowledge (rum, vodka, gin, tequila, scotch, bourbon, vermouth, beer, wine)
  • Puree and its use (lemonades, cocktails, cuisine...)
  • syrup production
  • preparing decorations (pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lime, decorations z rinds, apple, peach...)
  • lime fresh
  • sugar syrup
  • mixing - you will learn how to prepare approx. 25 cocktails at home with few ingredients:
  • Lemonades - you will learn the now so popular home-made lemonades (purée, American, juice, syrup) and something extra - e.g. fruit or beer.
  • Mojito - alcoholic, non-alcoholic, flavored (caipirinha, caipiroska)
  • Daiquiri - classic, iced, flavored
  • Margharita - classic, iced, flavored
  • Gin fizz - herbs, syrup, soda.


Refreshments are included in the price of the course.

Number of persons

The course is for 1 to 6 people under the guidance of 1 experienced bartender. Min. the number for the course is 4 people. In in case of insufficient interest, the deadline is moved to a later date.

Are you a larger group and want to make your party special? Do not hesitate to contact us!

More information

In addition to the general one-day course, it is also possible to arrange a 2-day course or a 3-day course (complete familiarization with bar and theory, mixing of all basic drinks, specials + last evening mixing in operation!) - contact us!

Bartending course

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