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About us

It all started in 2013 with a vision. We wanted a place where there was no compromise. That's how EscoBar was born. An asylum for all fans of taste, enjoyment, experiences and, above all, a temporary home for more than a hundred rums from all over the world. Not only rums are an ingredient in a wide range of cocktails of various flavors and colors, where our original syrups, purees or jams cooked and prepared by no one other than us add to the enjoyment. Must be "flawless". We put the convention on hold. And after a well-done deal, you get hungry, so we feed you with a permanent offer of burgers or a specials with a monthly cadence. If we put up with anything, it's quality. And so not only do we cook the sauces ourselves, but together with the meat we prepare, we "wrap" everything in a bun from our home bakery. No bullshit. 


See for yourself!

Our buns

We wanted to bake high-quality pastries without chemical preservatives, and fake butter substitutes, because the most delicious is the centuries-proven classic - butter, milk, flour, eggs and yeast. Over the course of four years, burger buns have won more than 30 awards with our buns at burgerstreet festivals throughout the Czech Republic, which proves that our buns are number one in their category.


This is our Unclebaker!
Take a look!

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